Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Tin Room Bar and Theater

Well another week has come and gone. There are hints of sunshine this morning and a forecast that promises a 70 degree day by the end of the week.  SEVENTY DEGREES!!!!!!!  Tropical paradise, right here in B-Town! People will be dancing in the streets. This crappy spring might just turn around after all. Yay! Of course the rain will be returning on Friday night just in time to ruin the weekend. Oh well, at this point we will take what we can get.
Last Friday was pretty nice here in Burien. I was lucky enough to get out of work early and Roger met me in town for some dinner at the Tin Room. The Tin Room is our usual hangout for a spur of the moment dinner or evening out.  The place has a great vibe and awesome food. Roger had Fish and Chips and I had a Chicken Pasta in Basil Cream Sauce. Yummy. Normally we always have the same thing. Grilled Meatloaf with Bourbon Mushroom gravy. It is the one time that I don't mind if Roger prefers someone else's cooking. It really is better than my meatloaf.   Check out their website here  There is a great history to the place.  Super friendly staff and owner, Dan the Sausage Man. Right in the middle of Olde Burien, it is the Gaslamp Quarter of B-Town, The Tin Room is one of the most popular. What make this spot even more unique, is that there is also a theater on site. The Tin Theater is a small indie type theater that has a great ambience, plush padded seats, thick velvet drapes, stadium seating and, you wont believe it,...............A BAR!!!

The exterior and interior of the Tin Room Bar